How safe a mask is! Take a look at how to use a mask to avoid coronavirus!

How safe a mask is! Take a look at how to use a mask to avoid coronavirus! 

Coronavirus panic is growing in the whole country. People are desperate to survive from this virus. According to doctors, the mask is the main tool to avoid coronavirus. 

So it is mandatory to wear a mask according to the right rules at every moment. But there is a problem among ordinary people about wearing a mask. Many people still do not understand which mask to wear. Again, the WHO has already issued a warning about the valve N95 mask. The WHO said the N95 mask with respirator was unsuitable for use. This is because, although the valve-containing N95 mask can trap the virus, the germs inside the valve are expelled during exhalation. So anyone using a valve mask is safe. But the germs that come out when he exhales are increasing the risk of group infection. As a result, ordinary people have infected rapidly.

Which mask to wear and which mask not to wear, the confusion does not seem to clear. However, according to doctors, the three-tiered surgical mask and the valveless N95 mask are the most effective at the moment. Again, a three-layer homemade cloth mask is equally beneficial in preventing corona infections. But find out what kind of mask you can use to prevent corona infection.

What masks to use to avoid infection?

1) Use an N95 mask without a valve. This helps protects the corona as well as all airborne germs. This mask has a virus resistance of about 95 percent. 

2) Use a blue or green three-layer surgical mask. These are available in drug stores. 

3) In addition to N95 masks, FFP-1, FFP-2, and FFP-3 masks are quite safe. However, the FFP-3 mask is much more resistant to viruses than FFP-1, FFP-2, about 99 percent.

4) You can use a homemade cloth mask, but it must be three-tiered.

Rules for wearing a mask :

1) Wash your hands thoroughly with soap before wearing the mask.

2) Now wear the mask properly. Be careful not to touch any part of the body or anywhere else while wearing the mask.

3) Wear a mask that will cover the nose and mouth well

4) Do not touch the mask repeatedly after wearing the mask.

5) If the mask gets wet, replace it immediately.

6) Sanitize hands before opening the mask.

7) Do not open the mask by pulling it with your hand. The germs of the mask can spread to the body by sticking to your hands.

8) Open the mask by pulling the rope of the mask from the back. In this case, first, open the bottom rope, then open the top two and gently remove the mask.

9) Open the surgical mask and put it in a dustbin with a lid and if there is another mask, immediately after opening it, soak it in soapy water and wash it well.

10) After removing the mask from the face, wash your hands thoroughly with soap.

In addition to adhering to these rules of mask use, physical and social distance, and personal hygiene must be observed to avoid corona infection. Experts also suggest focusing on boosting immunity.

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