Who should avoid drinking green tea

Who should avoid drinking green tea

At the beginning of the morning maybe a cup of green tea. It seems that there is no such useful beverage. Exposes extra toxins, weight is okay, skin is good too. Yes Green is definitely beneficial. Moving forward from the common tea table. But Green Tea is not beneficial for everyone.

Who should not take Green Tea-

1) Those who are planning to be pregnant or mother must avoid green tea. Before any meal with cafarine, consult a doctor before eating it.

2. Green can also be deadly for people suffering from hypoglyphs.

3) Stop drinking insomnia or those who do not sleep, eat green tea. If you eat this food then it will decrease further.

4) Doctors of diabetes and high blood pressure do not ask any doctor to eat green tea. So these patients stop drinking as soon as they eat green tea.

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