Ericsson and Verizon successfully test the limits of 5G

Ericsson and Verizon successfully test the limits of 5G

As commercial 5G rapidly approaches, the race to deliver the fastest possible connectivity is driving innovators to test the limits of this technology. Ericsson and Verizon recently tested a 5G network at the historic Indianapolis Motor Speedway, highlighting how an intelligent network can maximize bandwidth by pinpointing a device – even if it’s inside a moving car.

During the live test, Ericsson lead engineer Bill Goodman sat inside a moving vehicle while downloading a 4K video over a 5G connection. Moments later the team conducted a “blackout” test in which the driver operated the car while wearing a set of virtual reality glasses, relying solely on video captured from a camera on the hood of the car. The tests prove what’s possible when you combine super low-latency with download speeds that exceed 6 GBps.

You can watch results of the test here and learn more about the possibilities of 5G here.

In this new video, Ericsson and Verizon test the limits of 5G by demonstrating multi-gigabit speeds and super-low latency inside a moving car – capabilities that are making new offerings such as 360-degree 4K video possible.

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