Apple to pay more than $ 15 billion in direct taxes

Apple to pay more than $ 15 billion in direct taxes

Apple the world's biggest technology company, billions of dollars in unpaid taxes around 13 billion euros, the European Commission has ordered to pay.
European Commission complain to Ireland's government, while apple doing business in Europe illegally given the opportunity to give low tax rate.

However, Apple said they had business in Ireland in accordance with the law, while the European Union is not taking cognizance of it at all.

Large multinational companies as part of a tax evasion investigation against the European Union has taken action against Apple.

The tax advantage was the main objective of the government's of Ireland to apple, because  to create jobs and encourage investment in Ireland of  this 
United States technology giant.

The past two decades have not had any dispute in their home country.

But now, instead of allowing this particular facility to apple is directly opposed by  European Union.

Ms Vestager said about the Irish tax system--Powered by-DNL Tv

The three-year investigation, the European Commission said Apple's sales in Europe, less than one percent of the income tax is. No foreign company to do business in the European Union to pay the tax is the tax that Apple is less than 1 times.

Commissioner of the European Commission, Ms Vestager says  Ireland is given special tax benefits to apple, which  was breaking the law of 
the European Union.

 has to be paid back 1300 million euro, ie 13 billion with interest."

"The Commission's decision is a clear message, and a member of the country will not be able to pay the company to separate special tax advantages. The European company or a foreign company, whether big or small, whether the company. "

Naturally, the European Commission, Ireland, and Apple has been unhappy with the ruling.

Apple said in a statement, the European Commission is clearly trying to write a new history in Europe about apple. They want to rule over Ireland's tax laws.

Apple says this initiative will be bad for employment in Europe.

Ireland has the same kind of feedback.

Ireland's Finance Minister Michael nunyana  said in a statement to 
the European Commission that his country does not agree with the verdict, and the appeal is taken.

It is not the state, some multinational companies like Apple actually runs the world.

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