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Trump Signs New Order to Cancel H-1B Visa Hiring

Trump Signs New Order to Cancel H-1B Visa Hiring In an enormous blow to professionals eyeing the US job market, President Donald Tr...

Trump Signs New Order to Cancel H-1B Visa Hiring

Trump Signs New Order to Cancel H-1B Visa Hiring

In an enormous blow to professionals eyeing the US job market, President Donald Trump on Monday signed an executive order preventing federal agencies from contracting or subcontracting foreign workers -- mainly those on H-1B visa -- from hiring.

The move came to visit a month after the Trump administration in Midsummer Eve suspended the H-1B visas along side other sorts of foreign work visas until the top of 2020 to guard American workers during a crucial election year. The new restrictions took effect from Midsummer Day .

The H1B visa, most sought-after among Indian IT professionals, may be a non-immigrant visa that permits US companies to use foreign workers in speciality occupations that need theoretical or technical expertise.

The technology companies depend upon it to rent tens of thousands of employees annually from countries like India and China.

"Today i'm signing an executive order to make sure that the federal lives by a really simple rule, higher American," Trump told reporters within the Oval Office of the White House before signing the order against hiring H1B visa holders for federal contracts.

Trump told reporters that his administration won't tolerate firing of hardworking Americans within the pursuit of cheap foreign labour.

"As we speak, we're finalising the H-1B regulation in order that no American workers get replaced ever again. H-1B should be used for top highly paid talent to make American jobs, not as inexpensive labour programmes and destroy American job," said the president who was surrounded across the cupboard Room table with individuals campaigning against job outsourcing.

Prominent among them were Sara Blackwell, founder and president of Florida-based Protect US Workers organisation; Jonathan Hicks, a programmer within the Tennessee Valley Authority; and Kevin Lynn, founding father of Pennsylvania-based US Tech Workers.

The executive order requires all federal agencies to finish an indoor audit and assess whether or not they are in compliance with the need that only US citizens and nationals are appointed to the competitive service. As a result, the Department of Labour also will finalise guidlines to stop H-1B employers from moving H-1B workers to other employers' job sites to displace Americans workers.

Trump's order follows the federally-owned Tennessee Valley Authority's (TVA) announcement that it'll outsource 20 per cent of its technology jobs to companies based in foreign countries.

TVA's action could cause quite 200 highly-skilled American tech workers in Tennessee to lose their jobs to low-wage, foreign workers hired on temporary work visas, the president said.

Outsourcing many workers is particularly detrimental within the middle of an epidemic , which has already cost many Americans their jobs, the White House said during a statement.

Given the present climate of rampant property theft, outsourcing IT jobs that involve sensitive information could pose a national security risk, it said.

According to the White House, Trump's actions will help combat employers' misuse of H-1B visas, which were never intended to exchange qualified American workers with low-cost foreign labour.

One of the participants present during the signing of the order told the president that as many as 70 per cent of the H-1B visa goes to people from India.

Trump said he favours a merit-based immigration system that brings in high-skilled folks that creates jobs inside the US and not take jobs of usa citizens .

"We are getting to be discussing very shortly an immigration bill, which covers this and lots of other things. it'll be a really , very comprehensive bill. it is a word that some people love, and a few people hate. But it would be very comprehensive only within the sense that it covered almost everything. it'll be supported merit. it'll cover territory that no-one would have thought could have ever been agreed to," Trump said.

The bill, he said, are going to be signed after the convention.

"Immigration are going to be very merit based, but it'll be, it'll be great for the worker. and it will be great for people coming into our country, but coming into our country legally and loving the country and eager to help our country as against people coming in. and that they do not like our country," Trump said.

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