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How to take care of a pet at home during Corona Pandemics?

How to take care of a pet at home during Corona Pandemics?  The growing number of novel coronaviruses has radically changed the...

How to take care of a pet at home during Corona Pandemics? 

The growing number of novel coronaviruses has radically changed the lives of people all over the world, from home to abroad. Many habits have changed. But not just humans, but your pets have changed the way they live. Every day in the afternoon or morning, neither the owner nor the pet dares to walk or go to the park holding the owner's hand. So, in fact, cats, dogs, and other domestic animals are still being kept under house arrest.

Many take care of the pet at home as their own child. Pets stay with you wherever you go, for movies, shopping, long drives, or vacations. As a result, animals also grow up in this habit. But this pandemic has suddenly changed their lives. Many are evicting animals from their homes, thinking they should be infected, which should never be done. Some people are repeatedly sanitizing their homes as well as their pets to avoid infection. As a result, the animals are in trouble.

So, find out how to take care of your home pet during this COVID-19 Pandemic and what rules to follow from our article.

What to do: 

1) Not in the park or on the street, you can walk the animal within the boundaries of the house in the morning and afternoon. However, if someone in your area or next-door flat is infected with corona, do not evict the pet from the house.

2) If you do not want to go out of the house, you can take it to the roof.

3) If you go out for a walk with your pet under the house or on the street in front of the house, you can put soft socks on their feet like socks.

4) Before entering the house, wash your hands and face as well as wash them with soap or shampoo water.

5) When going out, make sure that no other person touches them. 

6) Dogs, cats, and other animals in the house to give the medicine that was given every month but should be taken. Don't forget. Keep all kinds of vaccines as well.

7) If there is a sick person in the house, the pet should be kept away from him. 

8) Consult a veterinarian if any illness occurs. 

9) Regular bathing should keep them clean. However, make sure that the hairs do not get wet. If it is wet, it should be dried with a dryer. 

10) You must wear gloves when cleaning your pet. 

11) Feed them with nutritious food. If you can't buy their food from the store, eat light home-made food.

What not to Do: 

1) Never spray sanitizer on the body of the pet or on the skin of the feet.

2) Do not sleep with pets at this time. Create a separate sleeping area for them. 

3) Do not give food bought from outside.

4) Do not clean the house with chemicals while the pet is lying on the floor. Because animals can be allergic to chemicals. 

5) Do not caress the face of the animal with your mouth. 

But remember that at this time they need to take special care of themselves as well. Always consult your doctor about how many times you will eat throughout the day, what kind of food to take, and what medications to take to keep you healthy, otherwise, the danger may occur. So be careful.

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