Donald Trump slams china again for coronavirus spread !

Donald Trump slams china again for coronavirus spread

US President Donald Trump has once again blamed china over the coronavirus issue. He has been harassing China since the early stages of the virus situation around the world.

Once again, Trump fired at the Beijing government. This time, he said, the coronavirus could have been stopped in China. But it was not done intentionally.

Trump said at the White House 
"We will always remember what happened,". The coronavirus could have been stopped by China. They should have stopped it. But they did not. ” Earlier, Trump had told China with one hand that China had deliberately spread the coronavirus around the world. They could have prevented the infection if they wanted to, but they didn't. However, the virus has spread all over the world and it has taken the shape of a pandemic.

In addition to taking China, Donald Trump has also slammed the World Health Organization. He has severed all ties with WHO long ago. At the same time, the US government has accused China of biased WHO. America currently tops the list in terms of coronary infections and deaths. So far 4834965 people have been affected in the USA. This deadly disease has killed 155275 Americans. All in all, America is in a bad situation due to the virus. Watch What did President tell in a news conference at White House

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