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Massive Job cut is ongoing at Ericsson Bangladesh

Massive Job cut is ongoing at Ericsson Bangladesh Another bloodstained decision  announced by Ericsson Human Resources...

Massive Job cut is ongoing at Ericsson Bangladesh

Another bloodstained decision  announced by Ericsson Human Resources.

Around 282 permanent and temporary employees have been terminated from the Product Services and the Operations & Development Departments on March,2017.

Majority portion of the Field Engineer’s  (Airtel Operation) contact, around 215, not to be renewed after the month of April 2017. 

And among these, so-called likely to be a garbage resources(as per HR), who once contributed to making LM Ericsson Bangladesh Limited as number one Field Services Organization (FSO) globally, spare most of their vital professional lifespan to Ericsson.

and the saddest part is,considering the present job market for telecom engineers in Bangladesh— that they are not possibly to get any job in near future. Nobody has any idea what will happen to them or their family members. 

Out of those resources, as some of them have a strong belief, shouldn’t have any single option left except reaching under the shelter of Legal Actions against EBL to secure the benefits mentioned at Labor Law, 26 (3) (4), for Bangladesh Citizens, to maintain a balance for their family’s living hood at least up to some extent.

 And, they have got the courage from those who already have running through the legal actions as mentioned after being dismissed by LM Ericsson Bangladesh Limited.

“LM Ericsson Bangladesh Ltd informed us they have no alternative to reducing manpower as their business in Bangladesh was declining.

So Far Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) has also fixed a standard for voluntary retirement services for the merger between Robi and Airtel.

“But Ericson didn’t follow the standard,” adding that the company has been replacing many positions with foreign staff and deprived the Bangladeshi Citizen.

When contacted for comment, Mir Awal Khademur Rahman, Human Resources director of LM Ericsson Bangladesh Ltd, said, “I am not authorized to make any comment about the job cuts. Please talk with my higher authority on this matter.”

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