Hazardous Situation at Ericsson Bangladesh.

Hazardous Situation at Ericsson Bangladesh.

Majority of the careers, mostly engineer, become uncertain in LM Ericsson Bangladesh Ltd. due to the Merger effect of Airtel and Robi

As all of us know that the much-talked-about merger of Robi and Airtel has already done, Robi also finished the consolidation process; more than 200 executives of Airtel joined Robi, while around 137 leave under a voluntary retirement scheme (VRS).

But the climax starts just after the above mentioned decision took place, whereas it always remains behind the scene till now. This merger is not only all about Robi and Airtel as long as our countries economy and people's career security are a concern.

Huge numbers of jobs were used to depends on Airtel’s Managed services, which was maintained by Ericsson, Huawei and some other small service providers.

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After the merger decision took place, the majority of the careers, mostly engineer’s, from mentioned organizations fall into deep trouble and become uncertain straightaway.

But, Huawei, as a managed service provider to Airtel, control the scarcity from humanity perspective and side-by-side also obeyed country's labor law which in return secures a balance to their beloved resources future, while Ericsson follows the opposite and keeps on firing their resources-permanent, contractual and 3rd party- as because their concern is only business profitability but not any other single factor.

Now the question is, does Ericsson consider themselves above any law? Don’t they see the horrible situation for those who ones were their valuable resource, just because of their future business profitability?

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But till now, several legal notices and direct cases already draw upon Ericsson, while few others are also in the middle of processing. Already deprived individuals who were fired and will about to be dismissed, making plans -hunger strike, escalating this issue to all other electronic medias, etc.-to secure their voluntary retirement scheme to survive at least up to some extent.

In fact, every organization is bound to obey the local legal procedures and nobody is above the rules. And the sooner the Ericsson Higher Authority will understand this simple message the better for them to retain their market goodwill here in Bangladesh.

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